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AI Toolbox for Edge

Empower your edge devices with computer vision capability.

If you want to make your camera "smart" or are looking for a computer vision module for your IoT application and turn it into an AIoT device, InstAI can help! 

Neural Processing Chip Maker

IC company

InstAI can build machine vision models for your customers and save valuable customer support resources.

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Original Equipment Manufacturer

IPC company

Extend the ability of your existing industrial computer product and power it with AI vision.


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AIoT Device Developers


If an embedded vision module is the missing piece for your product. InstAI is here to help developers like you! 

InstAI’s development toolbox

Main Features of our ML Platform

Data Generation

Use very few data to get sufficient training data 

Data/model Iteration

Continual Learning & model iteration

Abnormal Behavior Analysis

Data drifting & accuracy dropping detection


InstAI’s Competitive Advantages

to get >10000 unique training images

to get a high performance AI model.

Dramatically shorten the time-to-market of your innovative product.

Development cost is only a fraction of traditional development cost.

<1 Day

<3 Weeks

10X Faster

80% Off

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